Accessory Dwelling Units

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a fully functioning second unit created on your existing single family home’s lot, also known as a “mother-in-law quarters” or “studio apartments.”

An Accessory Dwelling Unit can be added to your home in the following ways:accessory dwelling 150x150 Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Converting your existing living space
  • Finishing an existing basement or attic
  • Building a new free-standing structure
  • Adding on to your existing home or detached garage

Your Accessory Dwelling Unit can be no more than 75% of your home’s living area or up to 800 square feet (whichever is less).

Adding an ADU to your property can be very beneficial in a lot of different ways.  Maybe you just need additional living space for guests, need living space for an aging relative, or are looking for additional rental income, an ADU can be custom designed to fit your individual needs.

There are many things to consider when looking to add an ADU.  Contact us for a free, no pressure consultation to see if your home would be a good candidate to accommodate an Accessory Dwelling Unit.