Attic Remodeling

at-tic    noun    \’a-tik\    1: a low story or wall above the main order of a façade in the classical styles 3:  a room or space immediately below the roof of a building

Attic Remodeling is a great way to gain extra space for:mcdougall pics 088 150x150 Attic Remodeling

  • Add on a New Master Bedroom Suite
  • Create a Family Room
  • Add Space a Work-At-Home Office

Remodeling your attic is a great way to add living space while also changing the outside appearance of your home.  If you have a large enough attic, you may be able to simply finish the existing inside space only.  If your attic is lacking in space, don’t worry!  This is a great opportunity to add on a dormer.  This is where you can get really creative in changing the way your home looks from the outside while also creating a new open space in your attic.

Attic Remodeling: What is a Dormer?

An attic dormer window opens into your roof line to accommodate air, light, and in case of emergency, an exit and entrance. From the outside, a dormer is a prominent architectural feature with its own roof and siding. On the inside, an attic dormer provides additional headroom, versatile floor space, and extra storage.